Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weed of The Week

One of the other common weeds we deal with on the golf course is Black Medic. Our problem with this weed generally occurs on the tees. It can be found on the outer edges of the tee surface since these areas tend to be the driest. As with all weeds they act as indicators of deficiencies that exist in the soil.

Black Medic:
Medicago Lupulina

Black medic, is a common, prostrate broadleaf weed that is found throughout the US . Native to Europe and temperate Asia, this member of the legume family (Fabaceae) has a few other common names including yellow trefoil, black clover and hop medic. Its is most often found as a weed in in dry, sunny areas in turf and waste ground, such as along roadsides and railroads, but it can be a nuisance in gardens and fields as well. Black medic can be an indication of low soil nitrogen in lawns as it outcompetes weak grass. Black medic and white clover grow in similar sites and are often found growing together in turf. Although it is classified as a cool season summer annual, in mild winters some plants may survive to act as a perennial. It spreads easily by seed and will form large colonies if left undisturbed.