Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bentgrass Seedlings

If you look closely in the fairways, you will see many Bentgrass seedlings becoming established. The fairways were overseeded back in the middle of April and with the cooler than normal temperatures this spring, wide spread germination was delayed. With the recent consistent rains the seedlings finally started to germinate and become visible. Normally germination of Bentgrass takes between five and seven days, were as this spring it took nearly three and a half weeks to occur.

Now that the seedlings are fighting for establishment, bi- weekly foliar fertilizer applications will be made to help provide the nutrients necessary for maturity. These foliar fertilizer applications will be made in conjunction with PGR applications that will target the Poa and further allow the Bentgrass to take hold.
Visible Seedlings in Verti-Cut Lines
Seedlings Coming Up In a Divot