Monday, May 5, 2008

Clubhouse Landscaping

We have started improving some of the clubhouse landscape areas. Most of the existing vegetation that was planted at the time of clubhouse construction was less than inspiring with a lack of color and texture. The predominant plant materials that were used were Juniper ground covers that tend to become overgrown very quickly. These plants offer little in the way of color and are rather plain.
Old Landscape Beds

The new landscape plans for these areas contain many different types of materials that range from ornamental grasses, specimen scrubs and significant perennial flowers. With our short season we cannot safely plant annual flowers until the last week in May due to late season frost issues. The addition of these perennial flowers will now give us some early season color that we have been lacking. This also marks a direction we are trying to go with reducing the amount of annual flowers that are planted yearly. Some of the areas that would receive annuals will now be filled with perennials that will offer more interesting shapes and textures as well as more season long color.

Perennials Being Installed