Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On Schedule

As the days pass by we are continuing to stay on track and on schedule with the work we are doing. Each day has provided us with a different set of challenges of which the staff has responded well each time. Without our staff being as dedicated as they have been and willing to put in the hours the project would not be where it is now.

After today we have 11 of the 18 greens with their final float on them before being fumigated next week. In addition to that today we have started the process of solid tine aerifing the approaches to help prepare them for Methyl Bromide.  

Nine green continues to move along at a slow and steady pace. tomorrow we should have the drainage installed in the green cavity along with the gravel layer being spread. After that rootzone will be spread and floating can begin. Once those items occur, my staff will reinstall the irrigation around the green complex.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekend Update

The first full week of renovation work has come to an end and we have made great progress along the way. We have met our week long goals and are in great position for the upcoming busy week.

Over the weekend the work slowed a bit with smaller crews in each day, but still we making steady progress. As mentioned before now that the large scale work has been completed we are focusing on the smaller detail work such as green/approach tie ins, sprinkler adjustments, amending approaches with compost and now expanding focus into fairway renovations as well. Tomorrow will be our final application of herbicides to cleanup Poa in the fairways which will be followed by multiple verti-cuttings and aerifcations. This will all be followed by seeding and topdressing of the fairways to complete the renovation process in this area.

Following green and fairway renovation will be tee aesthetic work, This will include minor tee leveling, adding about 2.5 acres of maintained turf around the tees as well the installation of concrete curbing.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Day Five

With every passing day we are getting closer to our next deadline. Today nothing especially exciting took place on the course, mostly detail work that will make a difference in the overall outcome of the project.

Today was similar to yesterday with focusing on green/approach tie ins along with irrigation head raising and leveling. Our final two greens were also floated out today, all of them have been at least floated once. Over the next eleven days they will all be floated out multiple times ensuring the grades are correct and any minor imperfections eliminated.

Nine green continues to slowly move along, more rough shaping took place and two drainage basins behind the green were installed today.

We will be back at it in just a few short hours working towards meeting our project goals and timelines.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day Four

Another busy day came to an end with great progress taking place once again.

The final two greens have been rototilled and six greens have been floated out for the first time. Today one of our big focuses was working to tie in the approaches to the greens, this has been challenging due to the amount of material loosened up from tilling and making sure to get everything back in place. This tie in is extremely important to have perfect so that any ridges and unevenness is not present therefore not effecting golf ball run up to the greens.

Today we also worked on raising and leveling all sprinkler heads at the greens locations. This will help improve head performance and reduce the possibility of seedling damage due to excessive water washing next to the head.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day Three

Another great day of work took place on the course today. The final five greens and approaches had the sod stripped from them, This will allow us to complete all of the soil amendments to be added and rototilling to take place at these greens complexes.

Greens 1-8 and 10 have all been floated once and several have been floated several times. Each time the green is floated the contours become more defined and will replicate those found prior to the renovation work.

Verti-cutting was accomplished on two more fairways today getting us through the first five holes. This process will not take place tomorrow due to a scheduled fairway herbicide application to control the Poa Annua. On Friday weather permitting verti-cutting will resume.

Work on nine green continues at a slower pace than I would like due to irrigation components that need to be moved before and dirt can be moved in a few areas. Over the next few days the pace should pick up and the new green will be taking shape.

Day Two

Much like yesterday things are going well and on schedule. Sod removal from the greens is moving right along, today another seven greens and approaches have been stripped. This leaves us with five greens and approaches to complete tomorrow.

Today rototilling has taken place on four greens complexes and six greens have had their first float done on them.

Expanding in our renovation work, fairways had the process of verti-cutting started, This was done on the first four holes. We are going an inch and a half deep which is bringing up a ton of material, this process will be done 2-3 times before being aerified multiple times and then eventually seeded.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Day one is in the books

After nearly four years of planning the day finally arrived in which the actual work began.

Today we got off to a good start with six of the greens and approaches stripped completely of turf. Four of the greens and approaches were rototilled and two of the greens have been floated back out. We have put our self in a great position to hit our timeline goals, but I am still realistic that we have a long way to go. Great effort by the entire team today.

Below is a video of what could possibly be my new favorite piece of equipment. Meet the Rotadarion.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A New Begining

It has been a long time since updating my blog due to my real time information being posted on twitter. As we begin our green renovation tomorrow I will once again be posting regularly with pictures and information as to what is taking place during the re-grassing process.

Hopefully I am able to effectively document our little project beginning in 15 hours.