Monday, May 12, 2008

Give Us a Break

It takes a lot of effort and man power to maintain the golf course at its current high level of conditioning. With the significant amount of daily play that occurs time is critical for my staff to accomplish daily tasks ahead of play. A task that should take only three hours to complete without play, takes four to five hours to complete in the middle of play.

Recently one of my staff was mowing on the course and a member approached him and said “this is for golf not for mowing” referring to the fairway that was being mowed through play. It is hard to believe this mindset exist and there is not a clear understanding that with out necessary maintenance of the course there would be nothing to play on.

It is our goal to complete as many tasks as possible before play each and every day, but at times it is not possible due to many factors such as the weather having the largest impact on the timing of events. My staff is trained to be sensitive to play, but there certain time s the job at hand has to be completed even though some disruption to golfer will take place.
The following animation is from the USGA and it talks about how play and maintenance can co-exist together..