Friday, May 9, 2008

Bunker Washouts

Minor Sand Erosion Under High Water Flows

With the recent heavy rains we have had the bunker have performed well due to the underlying liners. During the bunker renovation project last year we installed liners on the flashed faces to help prevent washouts from occurring.

Liner Installed In Bunker

The liners are a geo-textile product that allows rapid water movement to occur through the liner product rather than the soil surface below the sand. By doing so the water passes between the sand and subsurface in the liner itself which acts as a conduit for water movement. Due to the fact the water is moving through the liner rather than the sand the hydraulic pull is significantly reduced allowing the sand to stay in place.

With out a liner product being installed in the bunkers we would be spending many man hours after each rain event shoveling sand back up on the faces.