Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Course Education

This morning we had our annual golf course tour with the Green Committee and Golf Committee.  We had great weather and many great questions were asked by the committee members.

The course tour allows for open communication about things good and bad on the golf course and also helps to serve as a vital conduit of information to the general membership that are not involved at the committee level.  The members got to see first hand how the golf course is prepared for daily play they witnessed things such as setup,mowing, rolling and how Stimpmeter readings are taken.

After the meeting I had several members thank me for this inside view into what we do on a daily basis and the challenges we face.  I look forward to these on course tours as I feel they are far more productive than sitting in a Boardroom trying to explain things.  Nothings works better than to allow people to touch and feel out on on the golf course. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Annual Flower Prep

With another golf season upon us we are inching closer to planting our annual flowers. We will still have to wait another couple weeks before we can safely plant due to frost still being likely to occur. After that point in time we begin to install the flowers which are tentatively scheduled for the third week of May.

In efforts to make the installation go more smoothly the beds will be prepped well in advance of the actual planting. The prep involves, amending the soil, tilling, weeding and pre-plant fertilizer being added. The logo bed will also be done slightly different than last year from an installation standpoint. Last year was the first time we have done this bed and the installation was tedious due to numerous measurements being taken to ensure the logo coming out right.

This year a frame has been constructed and will be placed permanently in the bed to act as a template for the specific areas of planting to create the logo. This will be a huge time saver from an installation standpoint and also keep the logo visible to all during the off season when flowers are not present.