Friday, May 2, 2008

Growth Regulators

Growth regulation products are commonly applied to many of the playing surfaces on the golf course such as, greens, tees and fairways. The use of PGR’s or plant growth regulators consistently improves overall turfgrass quality by promoting a smooth uniform playing surface, aides in color enhancement and improves stress tolerance.
Spraying PGR's on Fairways

PGR’s are generally classified into two different categories type I and type II. Type I PGR’s suppress plant growth by inhibiting cell division and help with the prevention of seedhead production. These products are typically foliar absorbed by the plant. Type II PGR’s suppress plant growth by limiting cell elongation and Gibberellin production which reduces growth rate. These products are can be either foliar or root absorbed.

The use of specific growth regulators also helps with controlling Poa Annua populations by weakening the Poa and allowing the desired grass species a competitive advantage. When the Poa is targeted for suppression it can be severely injured and or killed if that is the desired effect. When proper rates and application timing of PGR’s is done they can be one of the best agronomic tools available for Golf Course Superintendent’s.
Close up of Injured Poa Annua