Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bunker Repairs

Over the course of the winter some of the bunker edges were exposed to severe weather and a few areas did not survive. You may have noticed that around some of the bunkers a little erosion has taken place at the sand/grass edges, additionally some turf areas are discolored due to desiccation.

Desiccation on Bunker Face

The eroded edges were caused by the Voles that feed on the grass during the periods of time that the course was under snow. The discolored areas the are ones that were under severe stress and did not survive the winter. Throughout the winter great care was taken to protect these faces with snow fencing and watering the exposed edges. In areas that the irrigation did not reach, snow was routinely placed on the faces to provide moisture.

Vole Damage on Bunker Edge

We have been babying these areas along over the last month with extra applications of fertilizers and wetting agents to help with the recovery process. Some of the areas have come back, while others have not and we have begun to re-sod the areas that did not survive.

These newly sodded areas will require a little extra attention from my staff for the next several weeks until they become rooted and able to survive on their own. Some of these areas might be roped off or protected with signage, so please avoid walking on these fragile areas.

New Sod on Edge