Friday, May 23, 2008

Poa Annua Management

It is around this time every year that I get asked “what is going on with the Poa”? The Poa Annua is most active in the spring and fall, when the temperatures are cooler and more conducive to growth. When the heat of the summer kicks in the Poa slows down and merely tries to hang on until the cooler temperatures return.

Up until this point we have only been able to try and regulate the seedhead production of the Poa, due to the limited chemical options based on still being in the frost window. Now that the danger of a hard frost has passed we now can begin our summer long chemical applications that will weaken and even kill the Poa Annua if timed correctly.

These products will give the Bentgrass on both the greens and fairways a completive advantage and out compete the Poa for species dominance. As progressive regulation takes place, the Poa it will become discolored and start to shrink down into the canopy and the Bentgrass will begin encroaching into the weakened areas.