Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Total Randomness

I would encourage this to be the thought process while driving carts around the golf course. There are many areas on the course that cart traffic tends to funnel due to land forms, but a lot of it also has to do with following cart tracks from previous groups.

One of the areas in particular that is feeling the negative effects of heavy cart traffic are the sodded areas next to the new bunkers. These areas experienced significant compaction from heavy equipment during construction and as a result the sod struggles when any type of traffic is applied to it.

Look for the road less traveled while driving the golf cart. I know this is a very dangerous suggestion, since we already have carts going in places that they should not be. If better judgment prevails then it will be a win/win by spreading cart traffic around while allowing you to see new places on the golf course. That being said, please keep carts out of the native areas and away from greens and tees.
Stressed Sod in Construction Areas
Excessive Cart Tracks Through Intermediate
Don't Be a Hero