Friday, August 1, 2008

Magazine Articles

Last month is was interviewed by an Australian trade publication called Golf & Sports Turf for a feature article in this month’s edition found here
. I was first contacted by them after they found my blog and wanted to feature me, based on some of the cutting edge water treatment technologies we are using.

When I received my hard copy of the magazine, I was surprised to see they pulled some of my other writings from the blog on renovation work and I featured it in the publication as well. Unfortunately there is no link to this article, it is found only in the hard copy version.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sean ,

Will Provide a Link for you in the coming issue of GST. WE find your techniques highly educational for our readers and obviously with your permission we wish to channelise our readers with your efforts in the Turf sector.

Kindest Regards

Pierre Meneaud
The Editor