Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making a Comeback

Early in the spring I made a post about the treatment of our Ponderosa Pines with a new soil amendment to help mitigate excessive salts from the drip lines.

We have been treating these struggling trees throughout the season and we are now beginning to see a positive turnaround in most of the trees. What started out as new candling, has progressed into positive new growth on the trees.

Many of these trees appeared to have a date with a chain saw, but this positive turnaround shows that patience is often times warranted. Philosophically, I believe we should do everything possible to save the trees first before cutting them down. There are several opinions around the Village that think if the tree looks bad it should come down without even trying any last ditch efforts to save them. I firmly believe what you are seeing now is proof positive that all options must be exhausted before finally removing any of these struggling trees.