Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preview of Things to Come

I had an opportunity to spend several hours on site yesterday at Cherry Hills and observe the irrigation installation taking place. Needless to say a project like this is a huge undertaking and requires patience and understanding from the membership, staff and the contractor’s crew alike.

The scale of the Cherry Hills project is essentially the same if not larger than ours; the following pictures will demonstrate similar installation techniques that will be done on our renovation.

The mainline is the first part of the installation that will take place on our course beginning September 8th. The process will be to tie in to the existing Ductile mainline and begin the installation of the new HDPE pipe. The most difficult part of the entire process will be keeping the current irrigation system live and functioning while the new system is being installed.

Crew Working in The Trenchline
16" Isolation Valve Being Installed
Placing The Pipe in The Trench

The mainline pipe that will be installed is 16" in diameter and will run from the first tee all the way to the ninth tees. Obviously a pipe of this size requires that a significant amount of material is excavated, so that the pipe can be installed to a depth of five feet. This is where the top contractors shine in being able to excavate,install,re-sod and cleanup so that little evidence is left behind of their presence.