Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Good Flushing

We have been going through a summer that has been one of the driest on record and now we are finally getting some relief.

Over the last thirty six hours we have received more than two inches of precipitation, which is equal to the combined precipitation totals for June and July. The rain that has been coming down has been very steady which is even more important than the totals alone. The soaking rains are helping to flush the soils of sodium, which have accumulated all season long.

The sodium has been accumulating in the soils due to the fact that we use effluent water to irrigate the golf course. Without a little help from Mother Nature providing timely rains, the sodium levels build up in the soil creating less than desirable growing conditions for the turf.

Throughout the season we regularly apply soil modification products such as Gypsum, Hi Cal Lime and other soil acidifiers to help correct soil issues created from the use of effluent water. The products are helpful in reducing the negative day to day effects of the sodium, but they are most effective after deep cleansing rains take place helping move the product through the soil profile.