Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moving Sand

After the last weekends heavy rains several of the bunkers washed out even with the liners in place. This has resulted in us having to go back into every bunker and not only move sand back up on the faces, but also check the sand depths in the rest of the bunker.

The depth is checked with a probe so that the sand will be a uniform depth of 4” inches on the bottom of the bunkers and 2” on the faces. Most of the sand remained in the bunkers, but it has shifted in the bunker itself. Some of the sand had to be removed due to silt contamination; new sand will be added to these areas to maintain proper amounts of sand. After the sand is redistributed they will be plate compacted to ensure that sand is once again firm and resistant to a ball plugging. It is very labor intensive to perform this task, but it must be done so that the bunkers will drain and play properly.