Thursday, July 31, 2008

As Hot As It Gets

After 17 straight days with temperatures in the 90’s, the forecast is not showing any signs of improvement. This year is currently the fourth driest on record and if weather patterns remain the same, this will go down as the driest year on record.

The previous record for consecutive days 90 or above is 18 days, which was set back in 1874. This record is likely to be passed by without blinking.

With all the talk of how hot and dry it is, the golf course continues to be in great playing condition. We picked a great year to allow for brown being an acceptable color on the golf course in efforts to improve playability. This year especially, the shortcomings of the irrigation system are on full display for all to see. The outer lying rough areas are under great stress while the core of the course remains green while not being overly wet.

The Bentgrass fairways have not been phased one bit by the heat and are actually thriving under these conditions. The fairways have been treated all season long with PGR’s for Poa Annua control and they are hands down out competing the Poa. As the Poa is weekend by the effects of chemical suppression and the heat, the Bentgrass is moving laterally and taking over in the fairways.