Monday, August 18, 2008

Record Keeping

Record keeping is one of the most important things you do, whether it’s for tax purposes, accounting, inventory, weather and even what takes place on the golf course.

From the golf course side of things accurate record keeping is a key for predicting outcomes of product efficacies based on historical data. In addition, the State of Colorado requires that all pesticide application be recorded and kept for three years. The records are to include; product applied, area of application, EPA registration number, rate of product applied, date of application and even weather conditions.

The Benefits of Record Keeping

  • Records help you evaluate how well a chemical worked, particularly if you are using reduced rates or alterative application methods.
  • Records help to prevent carry-over injury and improve chemical rotation decisions.
  • Records are the key to a successful IPM (integrated pest management) program.
  • Disease prevention and prediction based on historical weather data.
  • More accurate budgeting of product ordering based on historical data.