Friday, April 11, 2008

Soil Management

This year we have been experimenting with a new chemical product that claims to help reduce sodium and bicarbonate levels in the soil. As you know the effluent water we irrigate with is extremely high in both of these elements. After years of irrigation with this water the soils have taken on the same characteristics found in the water. We have been applying materials to offset these problems for many years with varying degrees of success.

The combination of high Bicarbonate and Sodium levels in the soil creates a cementing of the soil particles that does not allow for adequate drainage and nutrient uptake. Add this factor to our severely contoured site and it makes it even more difficult to achieve any kind of water penetration into the soils. This effect is often seen where the mounded rough areas are dry and low lying fairway areas are wet due to a lack of water penetration and water sheet flowing down to the lowest point.

Initially the product is applied every 7 days for three weeks and then once a month thereafter. I will be taking additional soil test to analyze the efficacy of this new product and if any positive changes occur, I will begin to expand the use of it throughout the course.

Product Being Applied To the Greens
Watering Product Into The Soil Profile