Monday, April 28, 2008

Following Directions

Throughout the golf course you will find many areas that have some sort of signage or ropes to direct carts away from specific areas. These items are in place to protect heavy traffic areas from excessive damage from golf cart traffic. Native areas has its own signage stating “keep Out” for golf cart traffic in particular. This is done because the native grasses do not have the ability to with stand cart traffic of any kind.

Cart Tracks Through Native Areas

After a busy weekend of play the golf course often looks like a war zone come Monday morning in particular. The amount of cart tracks that go everywhere is a sight to be seen. Unfortunately much of the signage is ignored and or taken town and the result that carts go where they shouldn't’t.

Cart Traffic Patterns From Heavy Play

Ropes and Stakes Blatently Driven Over

The signage that is on the course is there for a reason, it is there to protect areas and make the golf course better for you and fellow members to enjoy. It is not designed to be there to annoy or cause any hardship for you while playing your round of golf. By protecting heavy traffic areas on the course we are only trying to improve your golf course.

I have already touched on several of these topics before regarding golf cart etiquette in a previous post, i encourage you to go back and take another look at it here