Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Respect The Golf Course

After a busy weekend of play on the golf course it is extremely frustrating to see the lack of care taken replacing divots and repairing ball marks. My staff and I go to great lengths to have the course in the best possible condition every day, and at times like this it seems that our work is for nothing.

A Close Up View Of An Un-Repaired Ball Mark

On #16 green alone I counted 21 completely un-repaired ball marks which represents 8% of the total play over the weekend. If you carry that math forward for the entire season with 27,000 totals rounds played, that means each green will have 2,160 un-repaired ball marks. The grand total of un-repaired ball marks on all 18 greens would add up to a staggering 38,880 for the year. This is your golf course, so please do your part and replace your divots and repair your ball marks.