Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aerification By The Numbers

The aerification process has many moving parts that are all interconnected and making sure that everything goes off with out a hitch is the hardest part. The logistics of moving materials around the course is one of the most time consuming things involved in successfully executing the aerification process. Materials such as sand and compost have to be staged at strategic locations throughout the course, so that the valuable time is not lost in transport. This has become more difficult in recent years due to the development of many of the home sites around the course that have been previously used as staging areas.

The following are the numbers behind the aerification process over a three day period of time.

Man hours = 720
Number of aerification holes in greens alone = 10,290,000
Sand topdressing applied = 75 tons
Compost applied to the fairways = 200 cubic yards