Thursday, April 24, 2008

Party In The Pines

As if things aren’t difficult enough maintaining the golf course with heavy member play, try factoring in unwanted Elk damage. Last night the Elk were very active on the course leaving their trail of destruction over four different holes. We were very fortunate that the herd did not cause more damage than they did. The two greens they traveled over (#7&#11) received only minor damage and most of the repairs were made using a ballmark repair tool. The hoof marks were lifted and pulled back together as if were a ball mark, this damage will grow out in several days.

Hoof Marks Going Across The Green

The damage to the fairways was also minor with no additional work needed to repair the hoof marks that were created. The next time the fairways are mowed the rollers that are on the cutting units will smooth out any of the disturbed areas.

Hoof Marks In The Fairway

The most damage to the course was caused in the waste bunker on #6. All that is required to address this problem is to run the mechanical bunker rake through it and all of the prints and ruts will be smoothed over.

Party At The Beach