Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aerification Day Three

The weather has held for the early portion of the day and has allowed us to continue making progress. With that being said we will still not be able to finish seeding and composting fairways #13 and #16 due to the approaching storm. High winds have once again shut down the seeding operation, which in turn shuts down the compost application to the fairways.
The seed is applied to the fairways first and the compost is applied on top of the seed to act as a cover that will help with germination. Since we are unable to follow this sequence will be forced to complete the operation when the weather will allow. Hopefully we will be able to complete the fairways this coming Friday or worst case next Monday.

In effort to put the course back into play the greens have been mowed to clean up the extra sand that was still on the surface. Other cleanup items that are taking place are that all of the plaques and yardage makers on the tees and fairways are being edged and debris removed from them.

Once the golf course opens back up for play you will be surprised how well the greens will roll for just being aerified. The fairways will look a little of the brown side due to the compost remaining on the surface. As the fairways begin to actively grow the compost will work its way down the canopy and no longer be visible.