Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Keeping It Sharp

We have two full time Equipment Manger’s on staff and the majority of their time is spent making sure that everything is cutting perfectly at all times. This is a tremendous undertaking especially after aerification, when abrasive materials such as compost and sand are generously applied to the turf areas.
Greensmower On The Grinder

Changing Bedknives On A Greensmower

Immediately following heavy applications of sand the mowers have to be frequently ground and new bedknives installed in order for them to remain cutting. Even when this is done it remains a challenge maintaining a sharp reel with any traces of sand on the grass surface. The Equipment Manager has to do a lot of filing of the bedknives leading edge in order to have any kind of quality cut taking place.

During the summer when we’re at full staff on any given day there can be as many as 23 mowers in operation with a total of 41 cutting reels. Each of these mowers has to be checked for cut and adjusted before it can be ready to go for the next days mowing.