Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bunker Repairs

The off season allows us the opportunity to do some more invasive maintenance to some of the bunkers that have had their internal drainage compromised. Over the course of last summer we had numerous heavy rainfall events that contaminated many of the bunkers as far as sand quality and internal drainage functionality. Check out these previous posts here,here and here from last summer that details the carnage that was left over after the storms.

Unfortunately the only way to properly deal with these problems is to completely replace the bunker sand and rebuild the drainage systems. This task can be somewhat of a challenge due to the fact that sand remains frozen and is unworkable for most of the day. In order to remove most of the sand we had to break it out into chunks with a spud bar and then physically load and haul it off. The drainage system was repaired and backfilled with new pea gravel to allow easy access in to the drain tile.

Chunking Out The Frozen Sand

The Finished Product

The finished product appears no different to the golfer, but from a functional and playability standpoint the bunkers will be good as new.