Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year and New Equipment

Today we began receiving some of the new equipment that was was approved in the 2010 budget. The new equipment will be delivered over the next several days due to the number of pieces that are coming in.

Every year we either add or replace equipment to our fleet so that we can better maintain the golf course for the upcoming season. The extreme terrain that is found on the Country Club property is very hard on the equipment that is used to maintain it. With more than six miles of cart paths and over 600 feet of elevation change on the course we tend to go through wear items like; tires, brakes, clutches and transmissions at a faster pace than most golf courses.

We will be receiving the following items:
(10) Toro Workman MDX Workman MDX Specs
(1) Toro GM3150 Fairway Mower GM3150 Specs
(1) Toro Groundsmaster 4500 Rough Mower Groundsmaster 4500 Specs