Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Tee Setup

Over the course of the winter we have been making a sixth set of tee markers for the golf course. That's right I said sixth set. Our daily course setup almost requires the use of a chart as it is for specific tee marker locations, but this new addition will allow golfers of all abilities to better enjoy the golf course on a daily basis.

In the last several years there has been a demand for a more varied setup as far as yardage goes. The result of this demand has come in the form a of a "combo" tee setup. For example, a combination of different tee markers would be used to achieve a particular yardage. This has been done for the current men's and ladies tees for several years.

Currently there exist a 700 yard differential from the men's tees to the pro tees which is too long of a stretch for many of our members who are looking to play a slightly longer golf course. The solution to this problem would be the addition of another combo tee setup that would create only a 400 yard differential between the two. This new combination will now establish a 1 Pine tee that would play to 7061 yards and the new "Bear" tees will play to 7373 yards.