Friday, January 29, 2010

Something Different

We have begun to experiment with different products to help us deal with snow and ice build up on critical turf areas. For many years we have used compost to help us melt away these areas, but it could only be used on a limited basis on greens. We would try and minimize the amount applied to the greens due to the fact that a significant amount of cleanup would need to be done prior the the years first mowing.

Perhaps the most intriguing alternative to compost is a black sand a product that we have begun testing out. The sand meets with USGA particle size guidelines and is colored with a turf safe black dye. This product was specifically developed for snow and ice removal on golf courses. I will evaluate the efficacy of this product and decide on a future expansion with it.

Black Sand Being Applied
Close Up Of The Black Sand On The Snow


Unknown said...

While I worked at Westhampton CC we used dyed sand in the spring to help with spring green up. Interested to hear what you think for ice control.


Unknown said...

I have also heard that emerald profile works well.