Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was awakened last night around 11:15 to the sounds of thunder and a absolute downpour with a side show of the craziest lightning ever seen. It was a scene straight out of the movie War of The Worlds.

We received 1.25" of rain in about 30 minutes and needless to say not much got into the ground. The golf course was a complete disaster this morning with all 5o bunkers being completely washed out and full of water. This marks the fourth time this year that we have had major bunker washouts, which in a normal year might happen once if that. The latest round of washouts are by far the worst of the year and the sand in the bunkers is getting worse for wear each time. After each of the latest washout events the sand is becoming more and more contaminated with silt and other debris. This is a contributing factor to the bunkers now holding water, rather than draining off like they have done for the last three years since construction.

This week is Cliffhanger week (Member Guest) and all of the final touches that were being put on the course have suddenly taken a back seat. The timing is pretty bad for this to happen now, but it would be worse if happened during the event itself. The Practice round is tomorrow and the actual tournament begins on Thursday. It our goal to have the course put back together by days end and hopefully most of the people playing won't even know what the course looked like 24 hours earlier.

Once again my staff has risen to the occasion, giving their all for the better of the members and the golf course.

A view of what most of the bunkers looked like this morning
Bunkers holding water

Silt contamination in the bunkers