Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Bunker Fun

This afternoon we had our latest bought with Mother Nature in the form of another heavy down pour that put nearly an inch of rain on the course. This rain occurred in a relatively short period of time which flooded many areas on the course in addition to washing out many of the bunkers.

During the bunker renovation that took place nearly three years ago, great care was taken to install bunker liners that will help keep the sand up on the steeper faces. Overall the liners helped, but did not stop all of them from washing out.

In the morning my staff will complete regular mowing operations and after that the remainder of the day will be spend moving sand back up onto the faces. Our focus for tomorrow will be to get the bunkers back in play as quickly as possible. The sand that washed down will need to be re-compacted, so that balls do not plug on the face due to the sand being loose.

As time allows we will get back into all of the damaged bunkers and re-compact all of the sand to help provide consistency from bunker to bunker.

#9 Greenside Bunker
#4 Fairway Bunker/Water Hazzard

#18 Greenside Bunker