Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wash Out

Over the last three days we have once again received significant amounts of rain totaling nearly two inches. The rain is great from a moisture and soil flushing standpoint, but it is beginning to hurt us on the maintenance side of things.

As I mentioned in a previous post the rough is growing very well and has been hard to keep up with. Yesterdays the rain forced us to delay topdressing greens and a fairway PGR ( growth regulator) application which will hopefully be rescheduled for this coming Monday. The PGR products we use have to be watered in with at least .25" and it has not been dry enough lately to even consider these applications.

Hopefully these unusual weather patterns will change and we will once again be able to get back on schedule for many critical agronomic procedures.


Greensuper said...

I feel your pain here in Philadelphia. We have had an extremely wet late winter and spring. The rain for me was a bit blessing as we were changing out our irrigation control system. For weeks I had no ability to water except manually. Now that I can irrigate, I'm ready to turn the rain off for a bit.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Bill, I left Philly 20 years ago to get away from this type of weather, but every once and a while it's OK.