Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Serenity Now

As a golf Course Superintendent most of our days are spent at a hectic pace either putting out fires or completing those small details ahead of daily play. Each and every day you have to work long and hard to create the end product that all can be proud of.

Every once and a while Mother Nature cooperates and makes life a little easier in which you can actually appreciate all of the beauty found around you. For us this year we have had more of those "relaxing" mornings than I can remember due to frequent rains and milder than normal temperatures.

Below are some of my most recent "relaxing moments" on the golf course.


Marisa Palmieri said...


Those are beautiful shots. Talk about taking some time to smell the roses.

Marisa Palmieri
Senior editor
Golf Course Industry

A J said...

Great Pics Sean.

The golf course is the greenest in my memory at this time of the year.