Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back To Triplexes

For most of the early season we have utilized our old five gang fairway mowers to help with reducing labor necessary for mowing fairways. Now that additional staffing has been freed up from the responsibilities associated with the irrigation renovation, we have once again begun to mow fairways with triplexes.

The old fairway units required two people and four and a half hours to complete the job, whereas the triplexes require seven people and three hours complete the mowing. The math regarding labor usage is pretty obvious, but the quality of cut and appearance is far superior with the triplexes. These lighter weight fairway mowers reduce the amount of wear due to a lower PSI (pound per square inch) footprint along with the ability to easily remove clippings from the fairways. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is in the aesthetic look to the fairways, the cutting width with the triplexes is three feet less than that of the larger units.

Here at CCCP we have only 20 acres of fairway and the scale of the larger mowers is out of proportion to the size of the fairways. The smaller lines are far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and accentuate the wonderful movement we have in the fairways.