Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finding Your Number

One of the final things left to do as a part of the overall irrigation renovation is to install the yardage makers on the new heads.

There will be nearly 700 heads that will have yardages on them ranging from 45 yards all the way out to nearly 300 yards. Unlike the marking system found on the old heads which were only found in the fairways, all new heads will have markings on them in the above yardage range. Hopefully this additional information will help your game in addition to helping with pace of play.

The double heads that are located in the intermediate rough will have only one of them with yardages due to the proximity of each other being located only 18” apart. Additionally the Kirby yardage marker will be removed from the fairways in efforts to help remove the clutter of unnecessary components.

We are hoping to have the yardages installed on the heads within the next two weeks.