Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Irrigation Audit

Yesterday we began to test the distribution patterns of our new irrigation system. The testing was conducted by myself and Larry Rodgers of LRDG our irrigation designer.

We tested both green and fairway locations to determine how uniform our new coverage is. The data that was collected is another tool for me to use in the fine tuning process of the system. After evaluating these areas, I now have better insight as to the true distribution patterns of the sprinkler heads under real life situations found at Castle Pines. This data clearly shows how various nozzles combinations distribute the water differently from the head all the way out to the end of the throw. Now that I am armed with this information, I will be better suited to make adjustments out in the field as we begin to more frequently utilize the new system.

Larry Rodgers laying out the grid

Testing on the fairway

Testing on the green