Saturday, June 7, 2008

Traffic and Erosion Repair

There are many areas found on the golf course that cart traffic (member play, beverage cart and maintenance) all contribute to worn areas adjacent to the paths. Some of the wear and tear is avoidable, by parking all four wheels of the golf cart on the path at green and tee locations. Other worn areas area created at bottlenecks where heavy traffic going in both directions forces either one or both vehicles off the path so that one can pass. These areas are most commonly found in native areas at the tee locations. These native areas are not equipped with irrigation nor can these grasses handle any recurring traffic.

We have begun to repair several of these areas throughout the golf course, but keep in mind that many of these repairs are more than likely temporary. The reason being that once these areas have reestablished themselves and are once again exposed to repeated cart traffic they will fail again. The correct way to deal with these problem areas is to widen the cart paths, so that two carts can pass each other without leaving the path. This has been done over the years with success at several of the green and tee locations that have been problematic.

The repairs of the worn areas begin with loosening the compacted area with a tiller or pick depending on the size. Next amendments such as compost are added to the soil and re-tilled to properly mix the two together. The final step is to re-seed and cover with a fabric or hydraulic much product.
Worn Area With Some Erosion Taking Place
Soil Prep Done With Compost Added
Final Seeding With Hydraulic Mulch