Saturday, June 21, 2008

Divot Replacement 101

While playing golf it is your responsibility to leave as light a footprint as possible during your round of golf. This is done by properly caring for the course by, repairing your ball marks, raking bunkers and replacing your divots.

I am often asked do we fill fairway divots with sand and seed or replace the divot. The answer is sometimes both, because it depends on how large the divot is. There are many times that a divot is complete shrapnel or to thin and small to replace, when this occurs used sand and seed. With Bentgrass fairways the divots tend to be large and when a sizable divot is taken it should be replaced. There are also times that a divot should be replaced and sand and seed used to fill in around the edges. Unfortunately there is not a black and white answer on how to repair your divots, but with the above information you will now know how to properly repair your divots.

A properly Replaced Fairway Divot

A Replaced Divot With Sand Filling In Shrapnel

Improperly Filled Divot With Sand and Seed Mix