Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pick Em Up

You will see them everywhere especially on the driving range tee, a virtual forest of broken tees strewn across the turf. This is problem because people just grab handfuls of tees to take with them to go and practice, when in reality you should only be taking a few with you. Most of the time you will find more than enough tees already laying on the ground when you arrive to hit balls. I would have to guess if the tees were not freely given out and a cost was associated with them, you would be hard pressed to find any laying around.

On the course the problem is equally bad, but there is a solution right in front of your eyes. Each tee marker is equipped with a cut out for broken tees to be placed in after use. Many people are already great at using these devices, but I would encourage everybody to start using them more for your broken tees.

Tee Marker With Broken Tee Collector

The benefits of discarding your broken tees would be a cleaner neater appearance on the tee surface as well as less damage to the mowing equipment. The mowers are designed to cut grass not wood and these broken tees can cause damage to either the reel or bedknife of the mower. After each mowing my Equipment Manager has to sharpen and re-adjust all of the cutting units to ensure that they are properly cutting for the next use. This process is made more difficult by the numerous amounts of broken tees that are mowed each and every time.