Sunday, June 1, 2008

Play It Where You Find It

Playing the course each and every day can become monotonous when a similar tee setup occurs. We are fortunate to have on average five different tees to utilize on each and every hole. This can be a burden from a maintenance standpoint, but from the playability side there are opportunities to vary how the course plays on a daily basis.

Over the years as new men’s and ladies tee have been built, some of the former tees have not been utilized in the fullest capacity. With as much play as the golf course receives it will better protect and spread out the traffic on the tees if every setup option is used.

New tee combinations have evolved for both the men and women in the form of a “Combo tee” setup. This has been done to either pick up additional length or shorten the hole, both of which have improved the playability for both groups using these types of tee setups. Both the Green and Golf Committees are looking into other “Combo Tee” setups to provide more variety on the length of the course without have to build any additional tees.

Over the last week we have begun to move both men’s and women’s tees forward or back from the normal tee locations. On the men’s side of this there is several old one Pine tees that are rarely used and allow us to occasionally add additional length to the two pine tee setup. This is also being done with the ladies tees as well, by moving some of the five pines from the newly constructed tees back to the old four pines. Keep in mind this will not be done every day, but it will be done occasionally so that the setup becomes more interesting and fun to play. The movement from the normal tees will not have an impact to you normal handicap, due to the fact that this variation is not statistically significant in your long term handicap calculations.