Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dragging Hose

As the heat is increasing and rainfall decreasing the inadequacies of the irrigation system are showing through. As mentioned in an earlier post about the color of brown being acceptable, some additional water still needs to be applied to these areas.

Hand watering will hit full swing this week as numerous hot spots are now in all their glory. Anywhere you look on the golf course that is brown or looks bad is due to poor irrigation coverage. The only way short of natural precipitation that these areas can receive water is from hand watering by my staff.

In the heat of summer there are as few a two people hand watering and as many as nine on any given day. This is very labor intensive, but it is the only was to ensure the course is not over watered. From an agronomic stand point this is the best way to properly water, by focusing in on the localized spots with hoses and not running sprinkler heads which cover too large of an area.