Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Love Monday’s

Monday is my favorite day to work on the golf course because, no golf is being played, the course has a chance to rest and we get an incredible amount of work done.

Maintenance Monday goes a long way around here allowing us to perform highly disruptive to play agronomic practices. After a weekend of play with over 500 rounds pushing through, the golf course looks and is tired. It is on days like today that we can help the golf course recover from the abuse that it is subjected to from the sheer volume of play.

Today alone, we did more work on the course than most people will do in several days. The highlights of today’s activities would be the following; topdressing greens, spraying fairways, spraying tees and fertilizing both rough and greens.

The greens were topdressed with nearly seven tons of sand, which was drug in and will be virtually invisible to the eye.

The fairways were sprayed with a tank mix of liquid fertilizer and plant growth regulators for Poa Annua suppression.

The tees were sprayed with an insecticide, wetting agent and a sodium mitigation product.

The rough was fertilized to stimulate growth and recovery from heavy cart traffic and general wear and tear from play.

This list is only a portion of what actually took place today, because most of the tasks were normal maintenance items that take place every day.