Friday, July 31, 2009

The Down Side of Too Much Rain

The month of July brought us nearly 3.5" of rain which was great, except for the problems that come with too much of anything.

Mowing has become even more of a challenge than normal due to the fact that the steeps slopes have remained wet causing traction issues with the mowing equipment. Traction is questionable on most of the course when things are dry let alone wet. There is nothing flat about this golf course which makes it interesting from an aesthetic and playability standpoint. Maintaining it is a whole different story.

Another issue that has developed from the excessive rainfall has been numerous drainage system failures. We have been spending a lot of time repairing drain tile that has not truly been tested in many years.


Turfdad said...

Hey this is a great site, I'll visit more often, and leave comments!

Gotta love pulling equipment out of the lake.

The course I used to work at has drywells. The drain pipe that connected to them were always failing and creating huge sinkholes on the course, what a nightmare. I live in the Palm Springs area and you wouldn't think we had drainage or run off problems, but we do.