Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fix

As we have begun to utilize our new irrigation system more frequently we have been experiencing a problem with excessive water around the head. This problem seems to be found mostly in the fairways where we have double heads. These heads are located in the first cut of rough and have been consistently wet, which has caused some problems with the sod work around them.

This issue has been brought up with the manufacturer Toro and they have been extremely proactive in their approach in dealing with our situation. Numerous components have been removed from our site and tested by the manufacturer to determine what is causing our problems. To date the testing has shown that the components are within specs and working properly.

The specific component we are having issues with is the Pilot Valve, this is a device that is used both to turn on and regulate the pressure in the sprinkler heads. While in operation the Pilot Valve bleeds to atmosphere on average of 165ml of water per minute which is discharged below the head.

The root of the problem appears to be our heavy poorly drained soils that do not allow the water to properly drain off like it does at 99.9% of the other places. The solution to this situation is to bed the Pilot Valve area with gravel so that a “sump” is created allowing the excess water a place to go and drain off in time. This is something that I have actually done in the past with other older problematic heads and it had also resolved the problem.

I would like to thank The Toro Company for addressing the situation we are currently dealing with by standing behind their product and doing whatever it takes to make our situation correct. There is something to be said about brand loyalty and this speaks volumes as to why I prefer Toro to any other manufacturer in the industry.

The contractor getting an early start bedding the heads


Anonymous said...

What did they do, supply the gravel and pay for the labor to install it?

Unknown said...

Yes, Toro Paid for both material and labor.