Saturday, August 1, 2009


With the cool and wet weather we have been experiencing this season we have developed a new issue with moss encroaching into some of our greens.

Silvery thread moss (Bryum argenteum) in putting greens is becoming a widespread occurrence throughout the country. It can creep into a green virtually unnoticed, until suddenly it seems as though it is taking over the entire playing surface. Once established, moss is extremely difficult to control and almost impossible to eradicate. Chemical control measures are often tough on turf, and slow in killing the moss.

A close up of moss on a putting green

Treated moss dying

Over the years we have occasionally had moss issues on some of the mounded areas on the greens that receive extra hand watering. In the past we have simply cut out the moss and treated the area like a ballmark to promote recovery. This year has been a combination of chemical treatments along with physical removal and to date i have not been happy with the results.

We will continue to be diligent with the treatment of this problem and make sure that the spread does not continue. If it is not one thing it's something else.