Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bunker Work

Throughout the growing season we regularly edge our bunkers so that they have a clearly defined edge. Our technique for edging varies depending on what time of year it is, sometimes its a light edging and other times we remove significant amount's of material.

After several months of raking bunker edges the sand tends to move around and sometimes build up around the edges of the bunker contributing to a less defined edge. In order to restore a truly defined hazard edge we have to physically create a clean transition. This is done by removing the sand from the grass edge and then cutting out the grass that has encroached into the bunker. We perform this type of heavy edging once a season mid summer just prior to our Member Guest tournament, so the bunkers will look their best for this event.

An awful lot of time and money are spent maintaining our "hazards" so that they both look and play perfect. This is sad commentary of the Americanization of the game in which luck and skill have been removed from playing out of hazards.

Pulling the sand away from the edges
Using a reciprocating edger
Final clean up on a newly edged bunker