Friday, May 29, 2009

Sprinkler Head Placement Around Greens

All of the heads on the course were sited in with the use of GPS technology to ensure specific placement that optimizes sprinkler head performance. The use of this technology is great 99% of the time, but due to the greens all being different shapes and sizes the layout to has to shift sometimes.

Typical Sprinkler head location just of the collar

Typically the heads are located just off the collar six inches into the first cut of rough. This is done so that the sprinkler can be properly adjusted so that only the green is irrigated during operation.

On several of the greens you might notice the heads were not located as i have just described. These heads were placed away from the green due to the fact that the greens have shrunk and lost their shape over time. The intent is to fully restore these greens back out to their original shape and size similar to what was done on the eighteenth hole last year.

Heads located out away from the current green edge

During the installation great care was taken to relocate original green perimeters so that no piping was installed into the original green surface. Both the heads and pipe were installed out and away from the current greens edge so that when these green are restored the materials will be out of the way of invasive agronomic practices.

The restoration of these greens surfaces will greatly enhance the overall playability of the golf course by creating pins that have been lost over time.