Monday, May 18, 2009

Say Goodbye!!

Last night was the final operation of the old irrigation system on the golf course. It nearly brought a tear to my eye to watch the sixth hole run for the last time. Well not really, actually I was very happy to see it go.

Over the last fourteen years of my tenure here at CCCP the old system has been good, bad and ugly all at the same time. For the most part the old system served the club well for the first eighteen years, but the last five were not so kind.

Both the club and I are entering into a new and exiting time with a state of the art irrigation system. There is a tremendous learning curve on my part to learn a new software platform as well as the operation of over 3000 sprinkler heads. To put that number of heads in perspective the old irrigation system had only 1600 heads.

The fine tuning process will be taking place for months if not years as I get to know the old golf course in a new way.