Friday, May 1, 2009

Native Restoration

Some of the collateral damage from the irrigation installation has been in some of our native rough areas. Most of this disruption was caused when the mainline was installed.

We have begun to go back hole by hole and re-plant the native grass areas. The seed mix contains mainly Hard Fescue and Wheatgrass varieties, so that a true native stand can be re-grown. Establishing native areas is often times a several year process due to the slow growing habits of the grass types. The seed is solely dependent on natural precipitation for germination and establishment.

The process for re-establishing these areas has been to rough up the areas with an aerifier, seed them and then cover with straw for moisture retention. With any luck the spring rains will provide adequete moisture for germination and help us make these areas look like nothing every happened.

Area Prep
Completed Area