Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grass Line Changes

On the course there have been a couple of grass line changes. The timing of these changes has been perfect due to the fact that the new irrigation was going in and we were able to properly lay these areas out.

Previously these native grasses received some overspray and were unplayable most of the time. The decision was made to convert these areas to mowed rough making them more playable. The areas that have had the biggest changes can be found on holes ten and fourteen. These areas have now been mowed down, fertilized and reseeded in efforts to convert them to a more playable surface.

On the tenth hole the area by the bell often slowed down play looking for balls in this highly visible area. Now as a mowed rough area balls will kick out of this area down towards the green increasing your chances for recovery. On the fourteenth hole the old native cut was overly penal to the higher handicapper and especially the ladies. Previously there was no where for a player to hit the ball if they could not carry the water. Now there is a bail out area to the left of the water in which you can find and play your next shot to the green leaving you still a chance for par.